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Year 12 – After School History Classes

Hi everyone

This Tuesday’s after school class has been cancelled as there are Year 8 Parent Meetings on – don’t worry they will resume again after the Halloween holidays!

Mrs Reid



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Year 10: 20th Century Debate – Was the use of the Atomic Bomb justified?

Hi everyone

The atomic bomb has only been used once in the history of man. You have seen the horrific devastation and destruction that it caused to the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  Having weighed up all the evidence before you – do you think Truman should have dropped the atomic bomb? Had he any other viable options?

I look forward to reading your views – remember you must justify your comment by backing up with argument with evidence!

You must post your comment by Wednesday 24th October.

Good luck,

Mrs Reid


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Year 12: Extra GCSE History Classes

Hi everyone

Our after-school support classes are beginning on Tuesday 2nd October from 3-4pm. The classes are compulsory and will run throughout October and November. They will recommence again in February. This is a critical time in your school life and we must all work hard together so that you ALL achieve your full potential!

Mrs Reid

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