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Year 10 – History Dept Survey

Hi everyone

The History Department is running a survey to find out how many Year 10 pupils have opted to study GCSE History in September 2012. The Department would also like to ascertain why pupils did or did not choose GCSE History; this information will be used for future planning.

The questionnaire is in the form of a Google doc and can be accessed via your school email.

It is easy… All you have to do is click on the link and you will be taken directly to the survey. It will only take 5 minutes to complete. Please only fill in the questionnaire once and complete it by Friday 4 May 2012.

The survey will be available to fill in from Friday 27 April and will be ‘live’ for one week only – until Friday 4 May. All of Year 10 pupils are requested to complete it by the deadline set.

Thank you!

Mrs Reid & Mr Burnett


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Pupils of the Month

Hi everyone

Mr Burnett and I are currently selecting this month’s Pupils of the Month – we will announce the winners on the Blog and in class next week! It could be YOU!

Good luck

Mrs Reid & Mr Burnett

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Year 9: Homework Task – Rivalry & Conflict

Hi everyone

You have been studying the rivalry that existed between Queen Elizabeth I and King Philip II of Spain in the late 16th century. It was this heated quarrel between the two countries that led to the spectacular Spanish Armada being sent to England in 1588 – its task to overthrow our ‘heretic Queen’.

Get your thinking caps on… Your task is to post a comment on the blog answering the following question:

Explain what you think was the main cause of rivalry between England and Spain. Remember to justify your answer by providing detailed reasons.

Remember to use the PEE technique to help you structure your answer – Point, Evidence & Explanation.

You will also be peer assessing each other’s  responses – so make sure you are happy with your answer.

Good luck – I look forward to reading your responses.

Mr Burnett

Well done Year 9 – I have been reading all your comments and I am very impressed with your depth of understanding and your skilled explanation writing! Keep this great work up – Mrs Reid.


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Year 9: Homework Task – Create a ???

Hi everyone

Could you please submit a question that you think would be good for reviewing your learning on Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots so far?

Think carefully about what makes a good question? Try to avoid creating a question that would simply get a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer – dig deeper!

So get your thinking caps on and get blogging! I look forward to reading all your comments.

Mr Burnett

Some great thinking is taking place in Year 9 History! Some of you have become great critical thinkers and have devised some brilliant open ended questions! Well done – Mrs Reid


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Newtownhamilton marks the 100th Year Anniversary of Titanic’s sinking

Hi everyone

I am sure you are all aware that Sunday 15 April 2012 marks the 100 year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the magnicent Titanic. Over the past week memorial services have taken place across the UK as people have joined together to remember the tragic lost of 1500 people on that fateful night.  In addition two elegant modern cruise ships are making a commemorative voyage on a Titantic memorial cruise – one sailing from Southampton, UK, and one from New York – with a plan to meet in the lonely North Atlantic.  Two commemorative services in honour of the disaster’s victims will be held at the site of the final resting place of RMS Titanic

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, beginning at 11:40 pm, the first memorial service will mark 100 years exactly since Titanic hit the iceberg; the second service, at 2:20 am, Sunday, April 15, marks the time at which the pride of the White Star Line went finally beneath the waves.

Titanic, a marvel of modern engineering, the ship they said was unsinkable sank on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg in the most infamous disaster of all time. A warning that mankind may be advanced but was not indestructible, the Titanic story has been retold many times.  Titanic was the world’s biggest cruise liner of the day. Luxurious and very stylish, she was built in Belfast’s Harland and Wolff Shipyard.  When the Titanic was launched from Belfast, the city was known across the world as an industrial powerhouse.  It had the largest shipyard, the largest ropeworks and was a major exporter of linen and tobacco products. Indeed the world’s highest grossing film ever (until 2010) was Titanic; the Titanic disaster will be forever etched in the minds of people the world over as intriguing stories about the ship and her passengers continue to fascinate people 100 years after the ship’s fateful demise.

Last October as part of their Unit of Work on significant events in the 20th century  Year 10 pupils completed a detailed enquiry into the tragedy. They completed their research and presented their findings to their class addressing questions such as why did it sink and who was to blame?  After Easter  pupils will be able view a display created by Year 10 on the tragedy in M5 which will include their interpretations of the event – diary accounts, newspaper reports and poems.  As part of their display pupils will also consider how the most famous ship to sink is being used to refloat Northern Ireland’s flagging economy. Marking the centenary of Titanic’s doomed maiden voyage, Belfast is finally coming to terms with its connection to the liner with a £97 million visitor centre called Titanic Belfast that pays tribute both to those who built her and those who lost their lives on her.  This leisure and visitor complex has been built on the banks of the river where the Titanic was constructed and it is hoped that it will attract 50,000 extra tourists a year.

Year 10 pupils will have the wonderful opportunity to visit Belfast on Thursday 10 May where they will get a 1 hour boat tour of the Harbour and shipyard. They will then take part in a workshop called ‘The Unsinkable Titanic’ as part of the Lagan Legacy Heritage Project on board the Belfast Barge which is permanently moored behind the Waterfront Hall.

You can visit the folllowing website to find out some more about what their trip will entail:

Looking forward to it!

Mrs Reid

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KS4 Easter Homework

Hi everyone

I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely break! However, just a reminder of the work that you need to complete over the Easter holidays – this will give us a good head start to the new term!

Year 11 History Easter Work 2012

Year 12 History Easter Work 2012

Don’t forget Year 12 that we have our after-school revision class starting back on Tuesday 17 April from 3-4pm. We will be focusing on the Vietnam War and past paper questions.

Good luck!

Mrs Reid

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