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Year 10: Choose your future, choose History!

Hi everyone

I know that you are all stressed at the minute as you are deciding which subjects to carry on to GCSE. As I won’t be teaching you this Thursday (15 March)  I just wanted to give GCSE History a ‘plug’!  I am passionate about History – you may feel that I am biased (I am of course!) – as I declare that GCSE History is one of the most fantastic subjects to study.  If you have enjoyed studying it at KS3 you will develop an even greater enthusiasm for it at GCSE – learning about some of the most significant and interesting events that took place in the 20th Century.

More importantly History is one of the strongest academic subjects that you can study and it is highly valued not only by universities but by employers. History challenges YOU to stretch yourself and to think for yourself; to ask questions and solve problems; to analyse and evaluate evidence; to reach justified conclusions and so much more. It helps you to make sense of the world today by giving you the knowledge and confidence to join in topical debates and discussions. History isn’t useless, irrelevant, boring, too hard or just about dates!  The skills that you develop within the History classroom are invaluable and transferable – you will use them for the rest of your life. There are very few subjects which can honestly say this and mean it – I can.

I hope that you all take the time to seriously consider your Option choices – weigh up your possible career paths with what your strengths and weaknesses are. Furthermore, History is also a very strong subject to carry onto A-Level (if you wish to follow that path) – it opens doorways to all possibilities. However, above all please choose History because you ENJOY it – ask most of my KS4 pupils and many will say it is their favourite subject of the week!  I constantly strive to engage and hold my pupils’ interest by reinventing lessons and seeking out new ways to teach the same topics in a ‘more fun way’ on a yearly basis. In Year 12 you will also be able to attend after school CAT support classes and revision sessions – I will do everything that I can to help you reach your full potential  in 2014.

Visit the following link to view our department’s ‘Choose GCSE History’ video

The decision is yours. Good luck.

Mrs Reid


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History Department Launches ‘Pupil of the Month’

Hi Everyone

The History Department plans to launch a ‘Pupil of the Month’ reward system in the near future. A KS3 pupil will be chosen by Mr Burnett and myself as Pupil of the Month.  Your name will be displayed on our Blog and in the History classroom. You will be awarded 50 Housepoints and a certificate also. What will we be looking for?

It could be someone that has made a great improvement in the quality of their classwork or attitude or has completed a fantastic homework or class activity. You might have shown a keen interest in a particular lesson or topic or made valuable contributions in class? So keep up the good work – it could be YOU!

The History Blog is going from strength to strength and remains very popular with all our NHS pupils – we have had a fantastic response with 3,188 views to date. Remember to keep checking it out regularly as you never know you might be mentionned on it at some stage!

Good Luck

Mrs Reid


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Year 8: The Rex Factor Results

Hi everyone

Congratulations to all of Year 8 who took part in our Rex Factor competition! It was a very close call – everyone had prepared excellent speeches and had been very persusaive in their arguments. We marked each speech and voted as a class to elect the next king of England for the year 1066. The following winners have been announced and their Coronation ceremony will take place on Thursday 8th March:

Year 8X – Hannah Anderson, as William of Normandy, who ‘wowed’ us with her wonderful French accent!

Year 8A – Joint winners – Rebecca Nesbitt as Harold Godwinson and Joanne King as William duke of Normandy.

Congratulations and well done.

Mrs Reid.

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