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Year 8: Who should be King?

Hi everyone

I am looking forward to hearing your Hastings Hustings’ speeches in class on Thursday 1st March.  We are are going to be transported back in time to the year 1066. It will be your big chance to persuade everyone that you should be the next rightful King of England! Remember to prepare and practise your speech at home and to use persuasive language techniques in your bid for the kingdom (refer to your tips sheet). Post a comment on the blog writing as either Harold Godwinson, Harald Hadraada or William, duke of Normandy – why are you best candidate? Why should the others not be king?

Good luck

Mrs Reid



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Year 10: Is GCSE History For You?

Hi everyone

I was delighted to welcome back former pupils Lucy Bell and Lauren Henry to help me deliver my Year 10 History lesson today.

 The lesson aimed to inform Year 10 pupils of possible future courses and jobs that studying GCSE History can lead to. Lucy, who is a 2nd year student at Stranmillis University College, and Lauren (2nd year pharmacy at QUB) spoke to the pupils about their experiences of studying History and the opportunities that it has had on their careers to date.
Lucy and Lauren then took time to catch up with a few familiar faces before returning back to Belfast in order to continue with their studies.
Click on the link below to view the movie maker presentation that was used during the lesson.
Mrs Reid

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Year 12 History: After school classes

Hi everyone

I propose to conduct a series of compulsory after-school sessions for the Year 12 GCSE History class. This will enable us to complete the GCSE History Specification in an earlier time frame allowing us to focus on our Controlled Assessment Task during class time.

I plan to run these classes during the remainder of February and March on a Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 4pm in M5.  If the class needs to be cancelled I will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible. I will continue to liaise with you via the school website and History Blog. The first class will take place on Tuesday 7 February. However please note that there will be no after-school class on Tuesday 14 February. Classes will recommence on Tuesday 21 February.

I require all of you to attend and would greatly appreciate your support as this is an important and critical time. This period of extra hard work is essential if you are to achieve your best in June.

Many thanks

Mrs Reid


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