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Year 8: Great Balloon Debate

Congratulations Year 8!

We completed our presentations and our Great Balloon Debate today. Well done to everyone who took part; it was a close run contest with some great contenders!

Our winners are:

Year 8A – Andrew Hughes – George Best (1st), Ethan Cranston – Neil Armstrong (2nd), Jack McKnight – Wright Brother (3rd)

Year 8X – Andrew Watt – Alexander Graham Bell (1st), Rachel Graham – Emmeline Pankhurst (2nd), Caitlin Coulter – Queen Elizabeth I (3rd)

Mrs Reid


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Year 9: Roanoake Mystery

Hi everyone

You recently investigated the mysterious disappearance of a group of English colonists in N. America.  They vanished in the 1580s in what is now known as North Carolina and have become immortalised in history as the ‘Lost Colony’. What do you think happened to them? There have been many wild and wondrous theories discussed across the centuries – do you think any of them are close to the truth? Please post your justified theories on what you think happened at Roanoke. I look forward to reading them.


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Year 10 – War Debate

Hi everyone

We have just finished our unit of work on war in the 20th century.  If everybody agrees that war is such a terrible thing – then why don’t we just stop? Why do countries still wage war if the cost of human life is so great?

I will be interested to read your thoughts. Please post your comments by Friday 27 January.

Mrs Reid.


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Year 10X: WWI Poetry Competition

Hi everyone
You recently completed an enquiry into what life was like for soldiers in the trenches during WWI. As a consolidation task you were asked to create a poem or a piece of writing drawing on your insight into WWI soldiers’ experiences, with the aim of developing your empathy, literacy and extended writing skills. Mrs Robinson (Head of English and Literacy Co-ordinator) and I agreed that there were many worthy and commendable submissions. However after much debate we reached our final decision and are delighted to announce the following winners:
1st Place – Sarah-Louise Mitchell, Standing Still  Sarah-Louise Mitchell War Poem
2nd Place – Shannon Hoy, Remember My Words  Shannon Hoy War Poem
3rd Place – Elizabeth Blackwood, One Last Time.. Elizabeth Blackwood War Poem
The winning entries will be displayed on the school website and Literacy noticeboard.
Congratulations & well done!
Mrs Reid

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Holocaust Memorial Day, 2012

 Speak up, Speak out

Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates all communities which suffered as a result of the Nazi persecution and demonstrates that the Holocaust is relevant to everyone in the UK today. Through national events and local activities the day provides a focal point for people to reflect on the continuing repercussions of the Holocaust as well as more recent genocides around the world. In this way while the genocide of Europe’s Jews is always central to HMD, the day is also an opportunity to consider more recent atrocities that raise similar issues. This is especially important since events in Rwanda, Kosovo and elsewhere illustrate that there are still many lessons to be learnt at an international and individual level. HMD is marked internationally each year on 27th January the anniversary of the liberation of the former Nazi death and concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Holocaust was a defining episode of the twentieth century and is part of both our history and the world around us.

Holocaust Educational Trust: 2011 Appeal Film from Holocaust Educational Trust on Vimeo.

First They Came

First they came for the Communists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me

Pastor Martin Niemoller

On Holocaust Memorial Day all of our KS3 pupils will watch ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ DVD as a wholc school. They will complete follow-up tasks in their English and History classes, considering why it is so important that we remember the Holocaust.

Mrs Reid

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Year 8 – Great Balloon Debate

Hi everyone

Your Great Balloon debate presentation is due to be completed for Thursday 19th January. Everyone will be expected to carry out their presentation on this date – so make sure that you have it saved on your pendrive and that it is compatible with our school computers. If in doubt save it as PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation and it should open in school. Your presentation will be assessed by your teacher and your class members (peer assessment). So it is worth doing well!

Year 8 Great Balloon Debate Task

Year 8 History Great Balloon debate template

Good luck & I look forward to hearing your debate.

Mrs Reid

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2011 Blog Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Read on …

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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